Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Oler Adult

Falls are a major health issue in the community with around 30% of adults over 65 experiencing at least one fall per year. Within this age group falls account for 40% of injury-related deaths and 1% of total deaths. Common injuries include abrasions, fractures of the hip and arm and muscle strain. Falls can also result in restriction of activity and fear of falling, reduced quality of life and independence.


Our falls prevention program is vital to help you maintain your mobility, independence and quality of life as you age. Our program incorporates exercise, education and risk assessment to help you decrease falls at home or in the community.


As we age, our body changes and we can experience loss of vision, stiffness in joints, muscle weakness, decreased balance and slowness of movement which can all lead to an increased risk of falling. There are modifiable risk factors that you can address with help from your Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist. Book in today for an initial assessment and maintain your independence and mobility.