Pre and Post Surgery

Rehabilitation both before and after any surgery is going to provide you with the best outcome to get you home faster.


Pre surgical intervention or ‘prehab’ is encouraged leading up to surgery to improve strength and conditioning and to ensure you understand the procedure you are about to have. We know that the pain you often experience prior to surgery is debilitating and can interfere with your ability to move because of muscle wasting and reduced strength, balance and endurance. Prehab will familiarise you with exercises that you may be given post surgery and provides you with the opportunity to practice using equipment that may be prescribed to assist with your mobility when leaving hospital.


Rehabilitation post surgery will allow you move freely, increase your strength to walk, stand up from a chair and stand for long periods of time. We will work seamlessly with your surgeon to support your needs. We are able to provide you with exercise, manual therapy and education to improve your outcomes and achieve your goals to return to normal activities of daily living.