Cobra Pose

Yoga is a practice that focuses on the union of mind and body. For those who have issues with mobility and pain, an assessment with a Physiotherapist can be essential to understand how you can use yoga as a therapy to assist with your mobility or to modify your current yoga practice to support your needs.

Physiotherapists are specialists in assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system and we recognise that recovery from injury is significantly linked to psychosocial issues. As a result, Yoga has been recognised as an evidence based approach to holistic care, and can enhance the overall treatment of complex chronic conditions that are sometimes complicated by psychosocial factors including stress and anxiety.


Yoga based therapy can help improve pain, flexibility, strength and aims to promote overall relaxation in the body.

Whether you want to find out what Yoga is all about or would like to improve your personal practice,  book in for a private or semi-private class with our Physiotherapist Bek today.


Large class options and corporate opportunities are also available.